Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is the essence of our work at Snazzy Bazaar.  It starts at the beginning of the food chain - we source our products from artists, suppliers and manufacturers who have the highest standards of integrity, fairness and compliance with respect to employment, fair wages, healthy and safe work environments.  We curate a growing collection of products, that reflect diverse ethnic heritages, while adhering to our guidelines for ethical and environment friendly processes and products.  

We salute and support nonprofit organizations around the world that promote health, education, children's rights and welfare, among others. We champion several of these causes throughout the year and commit to donating 5% of our proceeds from sales on these days.  

We are always a "work in progress" and we want you to feel welcome to write to us at any time. If you discover that a product listed on our store does not comply with the general definitions of being eco-friendly or is not compliant with our policies, we want to hear from you, so we can fix it.  Write to us anytime at