The Bazaar Story

snaz ·zy   /ˈsnaˈzē/                         ba·zaar  /bəˈzär/
adjective, informal                       noun
stylish and attractive                   market
Origin: Unknown                           Origin: Persian


Snazzy Bazaar is a Puerto Rico based company, founded by Niam Itani and Vidya Santhanam.  

An award-winning filmmaker (Niam) and a human capital consultant (Vidya) co-founded Snazzy Bazaar - an online store for ethnically diverse, handmade, fairtrade, sustainable and trendy home decor, decorative accents, accessories and gifts.  Niam & Vidya have worked together for 5 years - in entrepreneurial and creative ventures - they have built successful businesses and made award-winning films and are always eager to try new things.  Their need for a new adventure brought them to Puerto Rico, where Snazzy Bazaar was born.

This is their story:

"We have had the pleasure of traveling to different places and experiencing the richness of cultures through people and art.  We always brought back things that we thought were a beautiful reflection of the people we met and the places we visited.  

The menorah from Jerusalem or the lamp from Istanbul or the Buddha statue from Cambodia or Maasai jewelry from Kenya - these beautiful works enrich our space, remind us of the uniqueness of our experience, inspire us to care for our environment and most importantly intrigue others enough, that they want to know more.  We realize the power that these “tangibles” hold - a tool for every storyteller, a way to transport one to a world apart from their own.  The idea of "Snazzy Bazaar" was born out of our desire to bring beautiful works of art to you, and the hope that you will be part of this journey of knowledge, respect and a sense of wonder for our people and our planet."