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Inspired by Ethnic and Vintage Home Decor, professional Interior Desginers and Decorators share with Snazzy Bazaar, their perspectives on incorporating ethnic and vintage pieces into designing and decorating a modern home.

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Haiti has been synonymous with Breaking News in the past decade or two and mostly in the context of hurricanes, natural disasters, or political unrest situations. However; similar to most places on our beautiful planet, there are many more stories to be told about Haiti and the resilient Haitian people. One such story is about how the entire community of Croix-des-Bouquets transform discarded metal into works of art. Metal Art, as Indoor or Outdoor Décor, has a unique place in the world of creativity. In the industrialized economy, metal art is mass produced using the most sophisticated of tools and...

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Turkish Rugs or Carpets, as they are commonly referred to, have for centuries maintained the status of great craftsmanship, especially known for its beautiful integration of colors and designs.  Between the pre-Islamic and post-Islamic era in the greater Ottoman empire, carpet designs evolved greatly, adopting newer schemes and themes in to the art of carpet making. Turkish carpets come from several parts of the former Ottoman empire, each with its own distinct weaving techniques, designs and colors. All carpets were essentially created from easily available sheep wool and naturally extracted dyes from plants and flowers. These methods continue to this day. It...

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