An Introduction to Turkish Vintage Carpets

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An Introduction to Turkish Vintage Carpets

Princess of Marmara - Turkish Vintage Carpet - Snazzy Bazaar

Turkish Rugs or Carpets, as they are commonly referred to, have for centuries maintained the status of great craftsmanship, especially known for its beautiful integration of colors and designs.  Between the pre-Islamic and post-Islamic era in the greater Ottoman empire, carpet designs evolved greatly, adopting newer schemes and themes in to the art of carpet making.

Turkish carpets come from several parts of the former Ottoman empire, each with its own distinct weaving techniques, designs and colors. All carpets were essentially created from easily available sheep wool and naturally extracted dyes from plants and flowers. These methods continue to this day.

It might amaze some of us to know that most, if not all carpet designs are passed on from mother to daughter – no stencils, no blue prints – just watch, learn and weave!! This has been the case for centuries and continues to this day.

Blue Royale - Turkish Vintage Carpet - Snazzy Bazaar

Vintage Turkish Rugs claim a special place for collectors and carpet enthusiasts. Beautifully woven, well maintained, these one of a kind pieces rightfully claim their place in collectors' homes. While the West has always been in awe, and while these exotic carpets used to be something of a fetish for those of the “elite” class, it has become more and more common place today.

There is an increasing trend in the Home Décor space – artistically bringing together contemporary/modern and the classic/ethnic/vintage décor. In this endeavor, Turkish vintage rugs are finding new avenues and newer audience.  

Vintage Turkish Rugs demand a premium price in the market for a variety of reasons – while scarcity might not quite be the case yet, the uniqueness of these rugs, integrated colors & design make each one of these rugs stand out as a work of art.

These beautiful rugs are not for everyone. If you appreciate great craftsmanship, are intrigued by colors, designs and the people who create them, and want to do your part to preserve cultural heritage, you certainly don’t want to miss out on Vintage Turkish Rugs. Symbolizing passion, patience and pure beauty, these rugs are each one of a kind work of art for the one of a kind you!


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