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International Day of Peace

A humble housewife, mother and part-time barmaid, Trish Booth, dreamt of giving the children of the world a voice.  
She dreamt of giving them a safe place to live, freedom from poverty, and the ability to be heard. Painfully shy and
definitely not the 'campaigning type', Trish's passion for World Peace had her both breaking down personal and
political barriers.

In May 2010, Trish set about contacting schools all across the world. It wasn't long before pupils were excitedly 
painting and drawing pictures that described what "World Peace" meant to them. The drawings were then mailed to
Trish, which was then transformed into a patch, and lovingly stitched by a local sewing group in Guisborough,
United Kingdom.  The result was a stunning quilt which is barely contained in a small gallery in town.

Trish Booth School International Peace Quilt Project

Nothing happens unless first a dream.  The Schools' International Peace Quilt is one such dream. It started from an
idea to unite schools and children from every country in the world in peace and harmony. With the help of Lucy Tasker,
a citizenship teacher from Manchester, the idea transformed into a quilt comprised of the visions of peace of school
children all over the world. No stone was left unturned in the attempt to reach each and every country.

Lucy says, "The idea of a quilt, which begins as an individual activity and then becomes a representation of a
collective voice, felt like a powerful and practical way to achieve our aim.  We hoped that with this activity
young people would be given the opportunity to reflect on their feelings about peace and how it can be achieved;
be able to understand and empathise with those in situations of conflict, creating greater cohesion and then
promoting PEACE within their local communities and further afield including competitors, world leaders, and

Amazing art designs were received from 203 countries of the world as a celebration of the London 2012 Olympics.
The recurring message throughout this project was a very heartfelt wish for peace from all corners of the world.  
As expressed by Iranian student Faeze Karmand, "The best wish in the world is spreading peace [...]. Give it back
to us, therefore, please."

Peace Patch UK

The quilt received awards and became part of the long forgotten Olympic Truce and has since been displayed in
many schools across the world.  It has most certainly stirred inspiration and emotions in those who have been
fortunate enough to view it.  Maybe one day world leaders will realize that if it were left to the children of
our world there would have been world peace long ago.

A massive thank you to so many teachers and their wonderful students for being an amazing part of this creative
project: Without you all, this simple but ambitious idea would never have formed from an acorn into an oak!

As we celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 21st, we believe Peace is possible, do you?

Social Responsibility is the essence of our work at Snazzy Bazaar - it is a commitment that drives all aspects
of our business.  Snazzy Bazaar supports nonprofit organizations around the world that promote health, education,
children's rights and welfare, and commits to donating 5% of our sales revenue on various days throughout the year.

Read more about Snazzy Bazaar Social Responsibility Policy here.


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